Welcome to the group that gives back.

We’re not here to tell you what to do, and we’re not here to take your money. We’re not here to sell you a service or indoctrinate you or give you endless well-meaning “suggestions.” We’re not here to shame you or evaluate you or fill the air with meaningless ideas about what “should” happen.

We are here to give to you. We’re here to help you out if you need it, or to sit back and let you do the work if that’s what you want. We are here to give you the gift of control by giving you choices, and by letting you make your own decisions.

You aren’t taking our “charity.” We are all here because at one point or another, we all had no choice but to rely on the good will of someone else. We’re here to pay it forward, because someone once did the same for us.

Our gift isn’t free. That’s not how this works. You may think you’re spent, that you have nothing left to give. But each of us has something to contribute just by being alive, and your presence is a gift to us, too. You’re expected to pay it forward. You’re expected to testify with your life.

Find your Purpose.
Find your Tribe.

Find Your Circle.

What We Do

Our streets have become lined with homeless women who are in dire need. Citizens of our communities are being approached as they shop the grocery store, wait at gasoline stations and even while attending church service.

Circle of Women, Incorporated has identified women of all ages and walks who desperately need our services. The Organization has a specific focus to help women recently released from prison, and military veteran women.

Focused on women within the Los Angeles County area communities, Circle of Women, Incorporated is an Organization primed to assist those women in need of counseling, food and lodging, clothing and re-entry into society. This will include a training facility for all types of business solutions. All areas of quality care for women is the Organization’s primary goal.

Attacked, abused and often forgotten: Women now make up 1 in 3 homeless people in L.A. County. In 2017 the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority reported that women make up 33% of homelessness on the streets of Los Angeles County. These numbers are staggering and up 16% from 2016.

With our strong management team, our donors support, and our aggressive grant writing proposals, we project a consistent and annual assistance plan to help get women off the streets.

Our Team

Sharon Mackey

Sharon Mackey grew up in the school of hard knocks, and has reinvented herself many times throughout her life and career. She always wished she’d had access to guidance that was non-judgemental and useful in a practical way. That’s why she formed Circle of Women Inc.

Sharon has a passion for helping women with their unique issues. We function in the world differently than men and, by the same token, must navigate it differently. Sharon is an expert at course correcting in life in order to fit the needs of any situation, and she knows how hard it is to do. She developed Circle of Women Incorporated to help you thrive, not just survive.

When she’s not out and about running her various companies or volunteering in the community, Sharon enjoys spending time with her husband and children.

Laura Smith

President Circle of Women, Inc

Laura Smith is a powerful spiritual mentor who is committed to helping women live a joyful life as she helps guide them through forgiveness, past hurts, and supports them in a powerful healing journey. Her talks on how the power of forgiveness changes lives for the better are empowering. Her ability to be vulnerable and share her personal story connects women and bridges the gap to isolation.

Laura left home at 17 due to rebellion and anger, she moved from California to Georgia with a bag and an attitude full of rage. This move ended up being a 5-year silence between her and her mother and a 2-year silence with her father. This was the beginning of her journey to forgiveness that spans over 30 years.

Laura made the commitment to gain the insight and education to become a powerful healing coach and mentor. She holds a Bachelor of Science from Pepperdine University and a Master of Science from Azusa Pacific University. She also is certified by the Connective Leadership Institute. She is also an author and is working on a new book.

Laura made a promise to herself during her journey to healing that she would step up and serve as a powerful servant and authentic mentor to women everywhere who want to be free from the bondage of unforgiveness.

LaKesha Johnson

Vice President

Mary Mangai

Chair Person

My name is Mary Mungai. I was born in Kenya in the coastal city Mombasa. I currently reside in Los Angeles, California, where I work as a bookkeeper for an accounting firm. I love making a difference in the lives of others and I am very passionate about education. My passion prompted me to start Bee Bong Daycare helping underprivileged children and also join Circle of Women. When I am not working or serving the community, I enjoy fun activities such as dancing, watching a good movie with friends and also socializing.